Воробьев, Ю. В. Влияние электрического поля на неравновесные процессы в полупроводниковом алмазе / Ю. В. Воробьев, В. Н. Захарченко, Р. В. Захарченко, Б. К. Рао // Письма в ЖТФ. - 1996. - Том 22. - Вып. 11. - С. 76-80. | Print |
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Sunday, 11 May 2014 16:53

The equilibrium and nonequilibrium electrical conductivity of synthetic diamond is studied in the temperature range 300-400 K in weak and strong electric fields. Its optical characteristics are also investigated. It is found that two types of local centers appear in nonequilibrium processes: acceptors with the level Ev +0,4 eV and donors with a level approximately in the middle of the bandgap. Both dark conductivity and photoconductivity are transported by holes. It is observed that the depth of the acceptor centers is reduced in a strong electric field, which may be caused by field ionization of excited states of a hydrogen-like center. (text)

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